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Why do they steal our identity

Why do they steal our identity - Sypcit

We tell you what is the purpose and which illicit benefits that a “stolen identity” is used for. From credit fraud to cyber bullying, here are the motives for identity theft ... 

It is often done for purposes of fraud: the criminal makes purchases, gets loans, collects credits or obtains benefits by disguising as us. Obviously that is when we will be held responsible for the consequences: return the loan, pay the bill or even criminally responsible for a crime we didn’t commit. Identity theft is widespread in the field of credit reports: personal loans, payment cards, issue of bad checks or opening bank accounts with fraudulent or recycling purposes. There are also cases in which identity theft is the means  by which they perform harassment and cyber bullying acts: essentially, the end is not the theft of money but the damage to the reputation of a person.