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Project Partners

Partners and their roles in the project

The project is led by a consortium of parties with different backgrounds, experience and skills which complement each other:


Adiconsum - Sypcit

Adiconsum, a Consumers and Environment protection Association promoted by CISL, has always been involved in protecting the rights and interests of consumers, including in particular the right to privacy and to network security; Adiconsum has carried out several information campaigns, training and awareness, aimed at making citizens aware of the risks and able to wisely manage its consumer reports. On the prevention of identity theft, Adiconsum coordinated the important project MEisMINE, with the valuable participation of many institutions and organisations from the institutional, entrepreneurial associations and police in charge. As project coordinator Sypcit, Adiconsum has the task of transferring the technical knowledge and tools developed to potential target groups, organising the information campaign, monitoring communication and event management.

Expert System

Expert System - Sypcit

Expert System is a company with extensive experience in the management and analysis of information: it has created the Cogito semantic engine used for disambiguation activities, tagging and categorisation of the textual content. Based on the existing system, Expert System has the task of creating the Sypcit platform in his project, it will be made available to police in charge as support for investigation activities. 

The University of Rome Tor Vergata

The University of Rome Tor Vergata - Sypcit

The University of Rome Tor Vergata - Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering, is the bearer of the scientific and technical know-how necessary for the development of tools and methods used in the project. It will cure the development of APP for smart phones, gathering information on the state of the art in the field, it will support the design of the platform and the field survey.


Kaspersky Lab Italy

Kaspersky Lab Italy - Sypcit

Kaspersky Lab Italy is the partner in the group that has more specific expertise in informatic security. Kaspersky Lab Italy, through its regular business activity, has a vast amount of information about different types of scam and techniques used for criminal purposes to the misappropriation of sensitive personal data. It will collaborate to the collection of sources for the creation of specific ontology and taxonomy of the Sypcit Platform, for the evaluation and improvement of the instruments.

Infocons Romania

Infocons Romania - Sypcit

Infocons, a Romanian consumers association, with great experience in the social education field. It has participated in the previous MEisMINE project regarding identity theft, always coordinated by Adiconsum.

The “Guardia di Finanza” - Special Unit for Online Frauds

The “Guardia di Finanza” - Special Unit for Online Frauds - Sypcit

The Guardia di Finanza - Special Unit for Online Frauds has an important role as associate in the validation and testing of technological tools, created by the project for the identity theft prevention and suppression in the network. Based on the various series of crime notes, complaints legal instruments recurring needs of gathering information in the field of investigative procedures, the Financial Police will ensure the necessary connection between the Sypcit platform and operating practices of police in charge..