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How to deal with an occurred identity theft

How to deal with an occurred identity theft - Sypcit

Once found to be victims of an identity theft, you must take appropriate counter-measures immediately to limit the damage. Otherwise the economical and legal consequences could be heavy ... 

The severity of the consequences that the victim of identity theft suffers and the difficulty with which one manages to get out of a difficult and new situation, are often dependent on the time that passes before realising it. The quicker you discover the fraud, the best you will be able  to fight it and to manage its consequences.

Often the identity thief, to have more time in the commission of fraud or to cover his tracks, organises hijacking of correspondence, he declares change of residence or put in place other scams to delay the discovery of identity theft by the victim or those whom he has activated relations with.

The signs to watch out are different: in general any anomaly in the contents of statement accounts (credit cards, bank account etc.), or in their delivery (NDR), any communication that we are unable to understand and is referred to contractual relationships of which we have no information, should put us on alert. Even a small amount of charge, if not recognised, must be questioned: the timely blocking of a cloned card can avoid much larger damage. For better reason, a reminder of payment for debts that we didn’t contract, must immediately activate investigations and protection, in order to avoid enforcement actions and inscriptions in bad payers databases.

In case it is found fraudulent use of your data (a real identity theft), you must contact the police. The lawsuit against unknown persons, with a clear statement of the facts, is a necessary step of self-defense to avoid incurring liability. A copy of the complaint will also be required to turn any blocking procedures and reissuing credit cards, disregard of contracts and loans illegally activated on our behalf, requests for cancellation by SIC (databases of bad payers) etc.